Nutrition: Calories 185, Fat 6g, Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0g, Sodium 0g, Potassium 60g, Protein 7g, Total Carbs 31, Fiber 6g, Natural Sugar from fruit 17g
Does not contain.. Wheat, Soy, Dairy, or GMO

*Our bars are homemade, hand pressed and hand packaged. We recommend placing bars in freezer. They will be ready in less than 5 minutes for you to be snacking on. (watch out for those natural seeds and pits) Fresh for 6 months in freezer (if they last, and of course you are now Good 2 Go!) There are no chemicals and no preservatives. So you won’t find these bars on the shelf for 6 months waiting for someone to buy them. They are made weekly, fresh for the taking.

*Shipping Is On Us!

Order A Stash to Share 2 Trays - 60 Bars @ $165.00